Rainord Refinery supply system

This project in Refinery rainord in napoli and the number of the 100 number regular pump along with juice 10 smart pump in this project was used in the first in this Refinery for supply to different regions of the problems a lot of that after the implementation of this project in the problems of complete and current status factory get better, mentioned is that this project 10 expert with two project manager was used and for six months also run it first.

Promini Intelligent Systems plant pumps

Promini factory in the sloped or the supply and to the drilling a lot of gating form and also executing the project also with difficulties faced for the same purpose in this project from the pump with higher power and also the pump smart back use, for implementation of this project for about 8 months there and in this period the 150 regular pump and 25 PRESSURE PUMP strong with 30 personnel and a project manager.

Karozzi Industrial Farm

Industrial farm karozzi in southwest coach, water Supply to this farm important role and was an important for implementation of this project from a special پلن for synchronization of operating the pump and also gain some of the pump and applying our core timed battery pump in different times day and general coordinator for supply to more than the 50 hectares of industrial farm was this project about six months' time with 25,000 expert and a project manager.

Parama refinery cooling system

Refinery Parama one Refineryvery important and deployed in the region Sicily and fundamental problem this Refinery in supply and cool the Silage this Refinery and several project also for solving the problem of by the other in this Refinery performed that was unsuccessful but primo company using the pump with the technology all right new and modern after the period 16 months and use of 65 people and expert 2 project manager and applying our core 130 pump this project completely performed and this project is one of the most important success of this company.