Primo company in 1981 by primo site in the yard home with the use of a series of older devices opened with effort and limited production, for good quality products could read customers and primo are among are the pump good credit

Setting up

in 1993 Primo site a factory in dimensions of 2000 feet with newer lines with the username and more engaged 200 personnel and this More production and provide more products to the market

Factory Development

in the year 2003 factory to the city Napoli find transfer and also equipping four production line and employment 150 personnel other production growth and development of good The factory and this back to a lot of growth in the production of the products and services better a reminder

Transmission Plant

in 2005 died with sudden site primo son by the name of Mark Primo in factor manager instead of his father meeting with this change manage a lot of reforms in the field of production and productive back to create so dogmatically that production lines to update and new technologies and computer in this line more interest. Also in the Head of Coordinator's Office with expert knowledge of the personnel and changing the old also accompanied

Change Management

In 2012 the officials of this company with presence in the exhibition international related to supply products and could pump first rank the and products of this company in quality from the rest of all products were better and this glory of the officials of this company

pump Exhibition

in 2014 this company to the production of a new generation of the pump with so high and the use of the last technologies day world the pump this are fully automatic gearbox and by time & programming have also in terms of energy consumption is also low-consumption

new Pump Generation

the officials This company always in the technology production lines and also in research in addition New and better production and pump supply products and this company production capability of the pump and industrial pump user with the different have qualified electricians this company note a lot of the quality of products and also the price for presenting products and this company in the technology and also in the quality of products always in the leader